Linda Rinke

Hi! I’m Linda Rinke. Mosaic artist from Latvia. 

My love for mosaic is endless. I breathe it. I dream about it. I literally live it. My passion for it, without knowing it, started at a very young age, when I would fake being ill, just to stay at home and do jigsaw puzzles. Then, in 2013 went for an adventure to New Zealand, and, long story short, ended up in a restaurant/vineyard that had Antonio Gaudi and Joan Miro inspired outdoors mosaic garden. And nothing else anymore mattered, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

In 2015 my now husband and I, we decided to return to Europe and settled in Spain. Funny enough, most of my mosaic murals still are mostly made in Latvia, and in 2019 one of them, the mosaic bus stop #Skietura won a National Award in Culture.

Nevertheless, I am open to travelling anywhere in the world and creating the most special mosaic mural just for You! 

To hire me for any potential interior or outdoor mosaic projects / Para contratarme para cualquier proyecto de mosaico, tanto interior como en exteriores:

Email me at

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