Pop Dog merchandise

Hello there! If You found this page, You might have seen some cool – looking t-shirts, sweaters and tote-bags around the internet.

In regards to who I am, You can find more information here but meanwhile:
I am a mosaic artist usually creating big mosaic murals, but 2 years ago, while appreciating and learning more about Andy Warhol, I came across the whole story behind his famous Marilyn Monroe’s portrait. Apart from many other things, what stood out to me was this whole idea of how praised and loved Marilyn was in the pop culture and yet nobody really spoke about her depression, anxiety, addictions etc. And how similar it is to the story of Spanish hunting/racing dogs podenco and galgo! Here, in Spain, everyone adores these breeds, people on the streets look back at my dog (Miro – podenco, face of Pop Dog), we have even been offered money for her! 

And yet… Every year once the hunting season is over, older, weaker, injured or simply naughtier dogs are killed or released in the middle of nowhere. EVERY YEAR.

So idea of Pop Dog was born. In real life it’s a 85x85cm mosaic wall art piece. And showing it in galleries to only limited amount of people was not enough. I wanted to create this Pop Dog line to reach more people, to tell them this story.

And here I am. Selling cool, colourful and unique gear with the aim to raise awareness of the sad reality of Spanish hunting/racing dogs. And by purchasing it, not only will you support me, this cause and mother Earth (it’s all 100% combed organic cotton treated in climate conscious factories), but also are You will help me to donate some money to Spanish animal rescue organizations that are immensely helping these dogs. 

Thank You in advance!
You can buy all these items on Etsy.

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